Weightlifting Routines For Speed, Strength & Flexibility

weight lifting routines

Weightlifting Routines For Speed, Strength and Flexibility. Weightlifting workout routines are a great tool for improving your speed strength and flexibility. Weightlifting is also great for overall general health.

As you’ll know the lifts in weightlifting are the snatch and the clean an jerk.

When you can perform these lifts properly and you start pushing up the weights you’ll find yourself to be a fast flexible person. But even if you’re not interested in performing the classic lifts you can use the many variations to improve your health.

Sportspersons and athletes practice these lifts to increase their speed, power and flexibility

When learning these lifts you will perform many other variations and segments of the two lifts. If at all possible find an experienced weightlifting coach who can teach you the olympic lifts even if you have no interest in being competitive.

Here are a few weightlifting resources

Failing that there are many good books that will help you get profficient at least in the variations of the lifts.

You’ll find good instruction in the book Olympic Style Weightlifting by Jim Schmidt.

Explosive Lifting for Sports by Harvey Newton contains excellent instructions on the olympic lifts and variations in relation to sports performance.

Another fantastic book on olympic weightlifting is the book A System Of Multi-Year Training In Weightlifting by A.S. Medvedyev.

So if you’ve decided you are going to take up this type of training I will outline now for you a workout that you can perform for a month or two on your own, that isn’t too technical though it can also act as a platform for working with a coach.

On the other hand if you’re already using weightlifting workout routines you can still use this program as it is made up of the basic lifts you will be performing anyway.

Your best option is to find a coach to be your guide when you start learning the olympic lifts.

Having said that you can still learn a lot from books I’ve mentioned and the program I am about to outline can get you started.

However, there will come a point when – if you want to become a really good lifter and you want to really start pushing the weights up – you simply must aquire the assistance of a weightlifting coach.

Also, don’t think though that you should only use weightlifting workout routines if you want to become a serious weightlifter.

I would encourage anyone who wants to improve the function, fitness and performance of their body to include weightlifting or at the very least the assistance exercises into their training and the following workout is good for the weightlifter and the person who wants to improve health and fitness.

You won’t find the full olympic lifts – the snatch and the clean and jerk in this program.


Because while this is not just a beginners program – the exercises in these workouts are also good practice for a more advanced lifter – you will still need the assistance of a good coach to teach you the full olympic lifts.

So while you are seeking out a good coach or at the bare minimum investing in one of the resources I recommended – you can still follow weightlifting workout routines like these without too much trouble.

Weightlifting programs that can give you great results can be as simple as the following. The best results come from the intense effort you put in to time tested exercises.

Workout one

Overhead squat 4 x 5 – start with dowel rod or just the bar until flexibility improves. Use a heel elevation if the bar falls too far forward in the bottom position.

Front squat 5 x 5 – Is a vital part of the teaching proggression of the clean and is excellent for developing an upright posture. It is thought by many to be a quad domininant exercise and so it is but if you aim for your hamstrings to be overlapping your calf at the bottom of the lift your glutes get a great workout for having to fire to get you out of the bottom position.

High pulls 5 x 5 – start with the bar at the mid thigh level. Pull the bar to the sternum while jumping explosively up onto the toes.

Standing overhead barbell press 4 x 5 – I like to use a split stance. A great exercise for building overhead strength.

Workout two

Dumbbell split squats 3 x 10 – Front foot elevated on a 12-18 inch box. A great exercise for building muscle, structural balance and single leg strength.

Stiff legged or Romanian Deadlift 5 x 5 – is commonly used by olympic weightlifters. Puts more emphasis on the hamstrings and glutes than the conventional deadlift. Should only be performed with a neutral lumbar spine. You can ave a spotter watch the low back area and you’ll usually feel the stretch in the hamstrings when you reach that point.

Split Jerk 5 x 3 – A component part of the clean and jerk, this exercise involves catching the bar overhead with a naturally straight spine and the weight evenly distributed between each foot.


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