With a Simple, No B.S. Program that Will Build Muscle, Burn Fat and  Transform Your Body in 12 Weeks

Dear Friend,

I’m Stephen Williams and I’m a strength and fitness coach and gym owner from the North East of England. I’ve wrote this letter to tell you about a ebook I’ve created which shows you how to transform you body — fast.

The content in this ebook is the exact blueprint I use to train the people in my gym — and gives you everything you need to transform yourself in the simplest and fastest way possible.

Here’s how all this happened.

I’ve trained with weights since I was about 19. I took it up in the first place because I thought I was a bit on the thin side.

I always wanted to be a little bit bigger and stronger and I only ever got mediocre results.

This went on all the way through my twenties and early thirties and it wasn’t until after my body deteriorated somewhat through ill health that I decided to ‘take the bull by the horns’ and learn this stuff properly.

I decided to educate myself so I paid the top guys in the nutrition, fitness, and health industries so I could get this stuff nailed down.

I studied and trained with educators like:

Charles Poliquin – who has been hailed as the world’s most successful strength coach. Fluent in English, German and French – he has spent years researching the European journals and consulting with other top sports scientists and coaches.

He has delivered the goods time and time again coaching dozens of athletes to medals in the Olympics as well as other top competitions.

Paul Chek – is an internationally renowned expert in the field of corrective and high performance exercise and building holistic health with a top to bottom approach.

Paul is a sought after presenter and has consulted for organizations such as the Chicago Bulls, Australia’s Canberra Raiders, New Zealand’s Auckland Blues, the US Air Force Academy and other elite organizations.

His information is not only cutting-edge but also very applicable. His methods have a reputation for getting results with even the most complex of cases.

William Wolcott – is the world’s foremost authority on Metabolic Typing, a revolutionary dietary technology that enables people to optimize their health and fitness by identifying their own highly individualized nutritional needs, and tailoring their diets accordingly. I have personally used this diet for over seven years and to say it has revolutionized my health is an understatement. This is groundbreaking nutrition for the 21st century.

UK Strength and Conditioning Association – is an independent voice which represents the UK strength and conditioning profession and with the support of UK Sport, the Association was launched in May 2004.

The association aims to establish and maintain high professional standards for UK Strength & Conditioning Practitioners and promotes good practice, knowledge and research appropriate to strength & conditioning practitioners.

My own library – I’ve also learned a lot from my extensive library on strength training, health and fitness and from studying old publications about the so called ‘Oldtime Strongmen’.

Steve is an absolute fitness guru. I’ve been training with him for just a few short months and acheived fitness goals I’d been trying to acheive on my own for a number of years. I would without doubt recommend Steve’s programme to anyone who wants to improve their fitness, health & general well being.

Michael Hall, Financial Advisor, Newcastle

As you can probably tell this stuff is my passion and probably my biggest realisation was that….

Strength training and natural nutrition is the fastest way to get results with your health, body and fitness.

After studying for years and taking everything on board — I threw away what I didn’t need, kept what I did and developed it into a simple system.

I used this system when personal training in various places but after becoming bored and disillusioned with the conveyor belt mentality of the health club industry — I decided to open my own strength training facility.

I quickly built up a base of clients and through training these people that I realised — what most people want:

To get into great shape the fastest and simplest way possible.

The majority of people aren’t interested in being the fastest or the strongest athlete because they have no need for great speed or strength in their day to day life.

Most people just want to be in great shape — so that is how I started to train these people.

And that is what I have documented in this ebook:

Not how to be the fastest athlete, the strongest athlete or the most powerful athlete — but the simplest, fastest and healthiest way to get into shape.

By the way it’s worth noting here that — this is also a fantastic foundational training program for anyone who wants to progress and improve their speed, strength, agility and power.

What does the program consist of?

Well for a start there is no fluff or B.S. in this program. There’s no unique, weird or crazy exercises you’ve never heard of — there is only what you need to transform your body.

This program gives you only what you need to get the job done.

  • The mindset you need to adopt to guarantee immediate and long term success in training.
  • The tailored training program you need for body transformation which = muscle growth + fat loss. The exercises in the program can be performed at any gym.
  • The diet you need to support muscle growth and fat loss — because you’ll fail with out it. This diet is not ‘over the top’ extreme — it is simple and easy to follow.

Note: This program is excellent for beginners but is also an excellent introductory phase that a more advanced trainee can use as a foundation phase to more advanced training.

Here is what is not in the program:

  • No list of ‘essential’ or ‘magic’ supplements to take.
  • No ‘newly discovered’ exercises you absolutely need to get results.
  • No need for endless hours of cardio exercise to burn fat and keep your heart and lungs ‘healthy’.
  • No need for questionable supplements or steroids
  • No need for fancy gyms with ‘state of the art’ exercise machines
  • No need to worry that the workouts in the program are straight from the pages of a glossy muscle and fitness mag

The best results come from a tailored resistance strength training program, an intelligent nutrition plan and a success mindset.

Life changing is a term that’s thrown about a lot these days but if you have the desire to change, a take action attitude and persistence — the information in this ebook can change your life.

And that isn’t hype.

After 20 years of on and off weight training with only mediocre results to show for it, topped off with confusing and contradictory advice I had started to lose faith.

I then started training under Stevie all be it a little apprehensive at first, but right from the off I just had a gut feeling this was right for me.

He got everything sorted for me within a matter of months. I am physically stronger, leaner and healthier than I can ever remember being. My diet is right for me now and it is also really enjoyable.

So if you want to turn the clock back and really get to understand what can be achieved then the Radical Strength Coach is your man.

Tony Little, Jarrow

This program works whether you are a man, woman, athlete or office worker — young or old.

So what kind exercises will you be using to achieve these results?

You’ll use basic exercises that can be performed in any gym:

  • Squats
  • Deadlifts
  • Bench presses
  • Presses
  • Rows
  • Basic additional dumbbell and barbell exercises

The exercises and equipment to be used with this program have produced superior results compared to any other type of exercise over the last one hundred years and they will continue to do so for ever more.

When people see the results you’re getting from this training — they will ask you what you’re doing and come to YOU for advice!

Mastery of these simple principles will get you stronger, leaner and healthier than you’ve ever been!

When you follow the instructions in this ebook you WILL get results.

There will be no grey area, it’s either black or white, you either get results or you don’t.

If you follow the program — you will.

If you don’t — you won’t.

It really is that simple.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never got results before in the gym, you WILL get results this time — I guarantee it.

I’ll come to the guarantee in a minute.

So what do YOU need to bring to the party to ensure your success?

You’ll need 3 things:

1 – A Desire to change

2 – A Willingness to Work Hard

3 – And the Persistence to follow through and stick to the plan.

End of story.

If you’re ready to make a decision and start taking action — the training and nutrition information you get in this ebook will guarantee you the following benefits.

The Radical Body Transformation will bring YOU these Benefits

  • Good Health – Physical efficiency, reserve energy and staying power. Clear skin and bright eyes, sharpened appetite and sound refreshing sleep. Freedom from common ailments sush as constipation, indigestion, poor assimilation, nervousness, headaches, colds etc. Life in general becomes happier and fuller. Achieve your ideal weight for your bone structure, optimize and increase energy levels.
  • Greater Strength – Full development of your frame, muscle size and power. Real honest to goodness strength (Functional Strength) is the most useful and worthwhile kind and can be demonstrated on any occasion. This program is about changing your body but the exercises used in the program are very functional. Functional strength can be developed further when the first phase is complete. If you try to achieve everything in one program you end up achieving very little.
  • Flexibility and posture – Vigorous and erect carriage, flexible, free moving joints and supple muscles. Absence of structural faults such as flat chest, rounded shoulders and spinal curvatures etc.
  • Symmetrical Development – Ideal weight and measurements for your height and build — shapely, firm and well rounded muscles in all parts of your body — structural balance.
  • Self Confidence – Poise, optimism, self respect and self reliance. Confidence in your physical powers and the courage to face any situation — the ability to walk through the world with ease.
  • Physical Attractiveness – The natural result of this kind of exercise and lifestyle program. A personality that radiates health and clean living and an appearance that brings friendship and respect.
  • Improvement in Sports Performance – More and more coaches, physicians and athletes are seeing the benefits of resistance weight training in sporting performance. This program can act as a foundation to increasing athletic and sports performance — the first step is to get into good general condition.

“Since joining Steve’s program I have made gains that I never would have made without the proper training and dietary advice. I would recommend his training program to anyone who is will to commit to an exercise and diet plan.”

Anth McAnn, Scaffolder, Jarrow

And what does all of this mean?

It means more…Ability, Confidence, Opportunity, Success, Respect and Health.

How long will it take you to find, test and apply the information you’ll discover in these ebook, about how to get lean, healthy and strong?

How many setbacks will you have to go through before you finally begin to get fantastic results — will you ever get them?

It’s cost me thousands of pounds to gather this information and mould it into a system that works but to be honest it’s the years of study — time that you can never get back that is more valuable.

It’s years of time consuming trial and error — that you don’t have to go through. The work has been done for you.

Ok so what is the cost?

Well obviously I’m not giving this ebook away but the price you’ll pay is a pittance compared to the impact it will have on your life.

But before you invest in this ebook — ask yourself the following questions:

1. Do I have desire to change, the persistence to follow through and a the willingness to work hard?

2. Am I prepared to follow dietary recommendations?

3. Am I prepared to train 3 time per week classes?

If you’ve answered those questions in the positive — then don’t hesitate to buy this coaching.

Here’s the Offer

The investment for this ebook is $47

If you were to hire me or a trainer qualified enough to give you this kind of tuition you would easily pay double that — per hour plus!

Trainers who I know charge even more than me — $100-150 per hour.

How can they charge that much?

Because people realise that this is a hugely important area of life — your health, fitness and longevity — and they go to experts because they want to get it right.

You know that if you don’t have your health you don’t have anything.

This is a one off investment of $47 and I don’t know how long I will keep it this low.

Try It Out For A 90 Days For Free!

If you try this program for 90 days and you decide it’s not for you I’ll give you a Full and Prompt Refund – No Questions Asked.

Release Date – 5th Dec

If you’ve read this far there’s something inside tugging and pushing to ‘do it’. Telling you to be or do something bigger and better.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re skinny, fat or weak it’s the same negative affliction that plagues the majority of men throughout their lives.

It’s called Mediocrity.

Don’t live your life in mediocrity and drift aimlessly — you’re worth more than that.

That’s why I wrote this letter, to give you the chance of getting your body and health sorted out by applying the information in this ebook.

So if you feel that this is directly appealing to you — don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to get this area of your life taken care of.

P.S. But don’t just take my word for it take a look at what other people who’ve used this program are saying:



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