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The Strength to Overcome Adversity and Rebuild

Tired of “Fake Fitness” Claims and Programs That Don’t produce Results?
Sick of Continuously Forking Out For Personal Training?
Bummed Out Because You Can Never Find The Time To Train?
Fed Up With Fatigue, Sickness and Mediocrity?

Do You Want To Train Yourself and Get The Results You Crave??
If You Said Yes To Any of The Above, The Answers Are Right Here!

I struggled with it all but it was because of this struggle I became who I am today – a fitness enthusiast, strength coach, gym owner and entrepreneur.

I kid you not, I wouldn’t be where I am today if I hadn’t be
en faced with those struggles. <<<LINK TO VIDEO If you want to see my full story go here. LINK TO VIDEO>>>

The result of me going through this process resulted in the SOAR program you’re looking at – 14 years in the making. I called it the SOAR program – the Strength to Overcome Adversity and Rebuild – because when I started on this path I was “weak as a kitten” and suffering with an “incurable” disease.

Today I’m healthier than I’ve ever been and my powerlifting totals are 520k for the three lifts (within 40k of the lifts of a top class sportsman according to Russian powerlifting guru Bob Sheiko).

Not bad considering I’ve just passed the half century mark!

If you’re thinking none of this applies to you because you have no Adversity in your life – think again. Because if you apply these principles to your life, I can assure you my friend, you’ll SOAR!

I know this not only because of the results my clients have enjoyed but because I’ve been through the process myself. The short story is:

  • I was diagnosed with an “incurable” disease in 2001
  • After 2 years of medication and doctor’s orders my health “fell apart”
  • I fired the doctors and medical establishment and decided to treat myself
  • I propelled myself into learning, applying and creating a system for living
  • 14 years later we have the SOAR program

So what’s in the SOAR program?

Everything it takes to turn your whole fucking life around and propel you to heights you never dreamed of – even if you’re now at rock bottom!

Apologies for swearing I get very passionate about this stuff because it turned my life around and I want people to just do it!

There’s more to this program than fitness training – that alone wouldn’t have got me out of that mess. It took more than that – much more. But I’ve been down that road and done the work for you.

Here’s what it’s all about:

It took the right Mindset, effective fitness Training from where I was, a customised Nutrition plan and all of this combined builds Health and over the years I built a system out of it. Here is a short overview of it:

Red Star Fitness

The RED STAR FITNESS program is our special blend of the most successful fitness method ever produced. It embraces the principles of the all conquering, revolutionary Soviet fitness training system – the conjugate method.
We’ve coupled this with Westside powerlifting programming, strength and conditioning techniques I use for MMA and the fact that I’ve been studying the shit out of this for 14 years.

The training system I’ve created addresses the Underground S Factors of Fitness.
These are the factors of fitness that we deem as of paramount importance, they are: Strength, Speed, Stamina, Suppleness, Sound health.

ACE Nutrition

The ACE nutrition plan is everything “that is useful” that I’ve learned and put into practice in my own life and my clients lives over the last 14 years. This was what was instrumental in helping me recover a so called “incurable” disease. You can dig yourself into an early grave with a knife and fork but you can also dig yourself out so powerful is nutrition! There is nothing in here that isn’t needed, it was written with brevity for clarity and the three main areas that are addressed are:

  1. A is for Adopt healthy eating habits
  2. C is for Control calories, macronutrients and carb cycling
  3. E is Eat right for your metabolic type ER4YT

There you have it, the ACE is the Elite card in the deck and the ACE Nutrition plan is the Elite Nutrition Program!

Hard CORE Health Manifesto

The Hard CORE Health Manifesto is the blueprint I developed and used to overcome so called “incurable” diseases chrohns and colitis which I was diagnosed with in 2001.

The CORE basis of this system is as follows:

  1. C is for Control hormones
  2. O is for Overcome inflammation and dysbiosis
  3. R is for Rebuild immunity
  4. E is for Evolve your plan

This isn’t a “quick fix” cure for any disease – this is a blueprint for building health!

The Iron Mind Mindset

Developing an IRON MIND will drive you on your journey to the destination of your best self and whatever else it is you are trying to accomplish. Nothing happens unless it first happens in the mind. Everything is a thought before it comes into being.

What do I mean by an Iron mind? I mean embedding “Iron Game” principles along with “Success” principles into your mindset and forming them into habits so that you think like this automatically.

Elite Underground and the SOAR program that came out of it, is a lifestyle, it’s not something you complete – it’s a way to live. So you must embed the right principles into your mindset and form them into habits that will serve you and keep you moving forward in life. Elite Underground is like a martial art – it’s the antithesis of the quick fix so if you’re looking for the “Magic Program” you won’t find it here!

One of the Iron Mind principles is about taking action and I urge you to do that right now, today, to make a decision, (that’s another one) take control of your life, move you forward towards your best self and enjoy dramatic improvements in your body, health and performance as you go.

How It works

Once you’re enrolled on the program you’ll be given access to a special area every month. Your CC will be billed £67.00 on the same day every month from the day you enroll for 12 consecutive months. Failing to pay means you’ll be eliminated from the program.

Each month you’ll get instructions and educational material on fitness, health, nutrition and mindset, delivered by video, audio, articles and pdf’s.


  • You’ll get 8 Red Star Fitness video workouts per month for 12 months
  • 4 professionally programmed video workouts for weeks 1 & 2
  • 4 professionally programmed video workouts for weeks 3 & 4
  • You’ll get full instructions on how to work on all aspects of fitness in one week.


  • You’ll get key components of the ACE Nutrition plan each month
  • You’ll get specific instructions on how to apply it
  • Ongoing coaching and troubleshooting to ensure excellent results


  • You’ll get key components each month the Hard Core Health Manifesto
  • I used these principles to recover from a so called “incurable” disease
  • These timeless, universal principles will get and keep you healthy


  • You’ll get a key component of the Iron Mind program each month
  • The components are everything you need to build your best self
  • These mindset principles will help you in all areas of your life – not just training

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