The SOAR Monthly Membership Program

The Strength to Overcome Adversity and Rebuild

“I see an Eagle and the Eagle is your Destiny”

*** This needs amending ***

Because Elite Underground is not just a fitness program but a total Body, Health and Performance enhancement system – a system of systems.

The Second to None, Elite Underground system that I’ve created for Body, Health and Performance is fronted by the SOAR program. I called it that because it’s what made me recover from serious health problems.

If you’re thinking it doesn’t apply to you because you haven’t got adversity in your life, think again – put these principles into your life and you’ll SOAR!

The Soar program consists of four individual systems – they are Fitness, Nutrition, Health and Mindset and you can learn more below.

*** Tell them in here that they get monthly modules covering the 4 areas that they can use at home

Fitness Video Workouts

8 of them every month

Nutrition Information

Downloads and Guidance

Hard Core Health

A pdf, audio or video on a key aspect of building health

Mindset Modules

Advice on a key mindset concept audio, pdf or video

What they will get from it – ie in terms of their results and why they should join


Red Star Fitness

Our special blend of the most successful fitness method ever produced.

The Red Star Fitness program embraces the principles of the all conquering, revolutionary Soviet training system. Couple this with powerlifting, strength and conditioning techniques I use for MMA and the fact that I’ve been studying the shit out of this for 14 years to put myself right, and you have an idea of how powerful this training is.

Why Red Star Fitness?

Because the training system we use is, as I’ve said, Russian and the 5 points of the Russian Star represent the Underground S Factors of Fitness that the Red Star program addresses. These are the factors of fitness that we, at Elite Underground, deem as of paramount importance, they are: Strength, Speed, Stamina, Sturdiness, Sound health.

ACE Nutrition

The ACE nutrition plan is everything “that is useful” that I’ve learned and put into practice in my own life and my clients lives over the last 14 years. There is nothing in here that isn’t needed and there are three main areas that are addressed:

  1. A is for Adopt healthy eating habits
  2. C is for Control calories, macronutrients and carb cycling
  3. E is Eat right for your metabolic type ER4YT

There you have it, the ACE is the Elite card in the deck and the ACE Nutrition plan is the Elite Nutrition Program!

Hard CORE Health Manifesto

The Hard CORE Health Manifesto is the blueprint I developed and used to overcome so called “incurable” diseases chrohns and colitis which I was diagnosed with in 2001.

The CORE basis of this system is as follows:

  1. C is for Control hormones
  2. O is for Overcome inflammation and dysbiosis
  3. R is for Rebuild immunity
  4. E is for Evolve your plan

This isn’t a “quick fix” cure for any disease – this is a blueprint for building health!

The Iron Mind Mindset

The 7 Step mindset program that will drive you on your journey to the destination of your best self. Nothing happens unless it first happens in the mind. Everything is a thought before it comes into being.

What do I mean by an Iron mind? I mean embedding “Iron Game Lifestyle” principles along with success principles into your mindset and forming them into habits.

Elite Underground is a lifestyle, it’s not something you complete – it’s a way to live.  So you must embed the right principles into your mindset and form them into habits. Habits that serve you and keep you moving forward in life. Elite Underground is like a martial art – it’s the antithesis of the quick fix!

There it is – the complete solution – a sales close



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