Radical Health Program

Professional Workouts & Metabolic Typing Nutrition Plan

  • Have More Energy
  • Achieve Your Ideal Weight
  • Eliminate Symptoms
  • Fight Disease

Here’s what you get:

Metabolic Typing Test – (£125 value) This nutritional test is essential for anyone whose health is suffering or who has symptoms of one sort or another or maybe you want devise a healthy eating and lifestyle plan to give yourself the best chance of a healthy future. Identifies the foods that are best for your type.

Coaching sheet – Teaches you how to feed yourself for success over time not a “Ripped in 3 weeks” bullshit. You don’t need to go on extreme diets to achieve the body and health you desire you just need to form some basic ideas into habits you can follow. There’s no need to be extreme and eliminate everything, always.

Skype or telephone consultation – Once you’ve received your test results and program and you’ve had a few days to go through them, you can book in for a phone consultation if you have any questions or problems you’d like to discuss.

Monthly Workout Programs – For the next 3 months you will be sent a professionally programmed workout plan that lasts 4 weeks. You will be given access to video instruction page that will contain your program.

Email Support – You won’t be left high and dry as soon as you’ve been sent your program, if you have any questions regarding your program do not hesitate to drop me an email and we’ll respond as soon as possible.

30 day 100% Money Back Guarantee – That’s right if at any time you’re not satisfied with your program you can request a full refund as long as it’s within 30 days of your purchase.

You will get results if you train with me – I’ve served my time and put the effort in to get where I am today because let me tell you, becoming an accomplished coach takes years. I’m not one of these internet gurus who’s just done a 12 week transformation and a weekend PT certification and is now a “Top coach”

My program cannot be matched because it’s not a quick fix – rather it teaches how to train, eat and live and everything I do is down to experience and science. I GUARANTEE YOUR RESULTS and you have the comfort of my 30 day 100% Money back as a promise from me!

£199 over 3 monthly payments

(1st payment £79; then 2 monthly payments of £60)