Why does the metabolic typing diet test work? It works because it is based on fundamental nutritional truths that apply to each person’s unique genetic strengths and weaknesses, along with environmental and lifestyle factors. No other diet out there in the sea of information on nutrition can do that because no other diet can analyse your bodily systems like metabolic typing can. It is the Healthexcel system of Metabolic Typing that encompasses these fundamental truths which were uncovered by independent scientists and practitioners over the last 100 years and was brought together by William Wolcott. You should beware of imitators if you decide to take a metabolic typing test and always go with a Healthexcel trained advisor – because there are plenty of people jumping on the MT bandwagon. These scientists found through research, study and clinical practice that there are 11 Fundamental homeostatic Control (FHC’s) systems which make up human metabolism. Take a look at what these scientists uncovered and remember, they had nothing to sell us. Always be aware that any time anyone tries to make the complex sound simple when talking about human health or nutrition – they are probably selling something.

Here are just a few of the scientists who have contributed to the science behind the metabolic typing diet.

  • Dr Francis Pottenger – Early 1900’s. He discovered that different vitamins and minerals found in different foods will stimulate or inhibit the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS). The Autonomic Nervous System is the master regulator of metabolism – the body’s auto-pilot – this is what keeps us alive without us having to think about it.
  • Dr George Watson – 1950’s. His research was on the oxidative system and how food affects your mind through shifting your blood ph. He found to be ideal blood ph to be 7.46. Watson treat people who had suffered from mental breakdowns for no apparent reason.When they first came to see him he’d test their blood ph and always found that it had shifted from ideal 7.46. Whether it had shifted toward acid or alkaline would dictate which diet to send the patient away on – either mostly meat or mostly vegetables.When they returned to see him a few weeks later their symptoms had vanished and their mind state was normal again. The amazing thing was that when he tested their blood ph again it was at or around the ideal 7.46.
  • Dr William Donald Kelley – 1970’s. Was the first man to use a computerised test for his metabolic typing diet. Kelly worked very successfully with the autonomic nervous system and helped 33,000 cancer patients with his therapy.He cured himself of the most aggressive form of pancreatic cancer after the specialists told him to go home and get his affairs in order and prepare to die. Considered a quack (though more like a threat to the whole system cancer industry) he was hounded out of practice by the U.S. government.
  • Weston Price – 20’s and 30’s. He studied 14 different tribes in 14 different locations who ate 14 different diets.All of the them untouched by civilization and all of them vibrantly healthy! Staying on their ancestral diets kept them free of all disease. As soon as a person moved away from the group and away from the ancestral diet they suffered from the same degenerative diseases that are rife in western civilization.What does this say about one diet being right for everyone? Price’s research alone without all the other evidence to back it up – proves that the ‘one diet fits all’ model is ridiculous.
  • William Sheldon – in the 40’s published The Varieties Of Human Physique which showed his somatotypes model of metabolic typing – the ectomorph, mesomorph and endomorph metabolic types.
  • Dr’s Melvin Page and Henry Bieler – in the 50’s developed concepts of endocrine types and how they respond to different kinds of food.
  • Dr Roger Williams – was a noted biochemist who in the 50’s coined the phrase ‘Biochemical Individuality’to describe the fact that we are all different. Williams said that we were as unique in our requirements for food as we were in our fingerprints.He showed through his research that the size, location and shape of our organs differs from person to person. He showed that drugs effect every individual differently because of the differences in body chemistry and that there is no such thing as a ‘normal person’.
  • Dr Emmanuel Revici – 60’s. Developed a whole new system of medicine based on the variances of anabolic/catabolic influences in people and recognised the need to address biochemical individuality.
  • James D’Adamo – 70’s. Developed a classification of the different types of blood groups in people, the A,B and O blood groups.
  • William Wolcott – was William Kelley’s assistant and trouble-shooter and in 1983 he discovered the ‘Dominance Factor’ which states: Any food or nutrient can have opposite effects in different metabolic types’.And it was Wolcott who brought all of the work of the scientists that is listed above – all of the little pieces of the metabolic puzzle together and morphed them into the system that metabolic typing is today.He founded the Healthexcel and the computerised MT test which encompasses the Fundamental Homeostatic Control systems. In 1996 began he began training practitioners in the Healthexcel system of Metabolic Typing and in 2000 he published the book The Metabolic Typing Diet.

The magnitude of what these scientists have done for nutrition and human health is of monumental significance and should never be forgotten.

There are many more doctors, practitioners and researchers who i haven’t mentioned but what I’m showing you is that the metabolic typing diet isn’t the latest fad, miracle diet or celebrity method that has appeared on the bookshelves. The metabolic typing diet is literally steeped in science and that the idea of metabolic types is a scientific fact and just because facts are ignored for whatever reason or lie undiscovered by the mainstream does not mean that they cease to be facts. The metabolic typing diet plan works because the system behind it identifies the way our metabolism is functioning and prescribes foods allows us to support that unique way of functioning so that it will support and rebuild health – and no other diet can accomplish that as efficiently as MT does.


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