metabolic type Find Out Your Metabolic Type and The Right Foods For You . If you discover your metabolic type and eat accordingly you are doing the single most important thing you can do for your health – feeding your body the foods that it needs. Anyone who tries to tell you that nutrition is simple either has no clue about human health or they have something to sell you. The following benefits can be available to you by following a metabolic typing diet. They are not consistently available through any other diet unless it is by luck. The idea of metabolic types is a scientific fact. I’m convinced if you take a test to reveal your metabolic type then give the diet a proper go – you’ll never eat any other way again. I know I won’t unless something comes along that is genuinely superior and I think I’ll wait a long time for that.

The Benefits of a Metabolic Typing Diet

Metabolic typing will:

  • Ensure optimal energy production. Because your cells function better when you are eating the right foods and taking in the right nutrients. Your blood ph will be at or around 7.46 after every meal. This is when all the food you eat gets converted to energy.
  • Help you lower body fat without ‘dieting’ because all the food you eat gets converted to energy. Every time you eat the wrong foods for your type your cells can’t convert it to energy optimally – and it gets stored as fat.
  • Give you increased immunity to colds, infections and viruses, because the optimal function of your immune system starts at the level of your cells and eating right for your metabolic type provides the correct nutrients at the cellular level – this bolsters your immune system.
  • Will prevent and even reverse degenerative disease because the foundations of degenerative disease are nutritional deficiencies and when you eat right for your type you will prevent and reverse degeneration by providing your body with the nutrients it needs to repair and rebuild – to stop your body falling apart.
  • Increase your longevity because if you take all of the above points into consideration I’m sure you’ll agree that you have a good chance of living a longer and healthier life.
  • Increase sport or work performance. Your body will function better physically – when it is fed what it needs – in your sport, your job or in everyday life.
  • Improve your physical appearance because your appearance shines out from the inside. Feeding yourself optimal nutrition at the level of your cells is feeding yourself at the deepest level and this will show up on the surface.
  • Give you better brain function. Do you think your mind will begin to function better? Your mind is not separate from your body – they are the same organism. All parts of the organism benefit from metabolic typing. Dr George Watson treat scores of people who’d suffered mental breakdowns – by rectifying their blood ph imbalances with metabolic typing. When your blood ph drifts away from the ideal 7.46 your whole body chemistry becomes lop-sided, you start to function poorly, symptoms may appear and the balance of your mind is upset. Metabolic typing balances your body chemistry and so improves your mental and emotional function.

More benefits from eating right for your metabolic type.

  • Address the fact that we are all different and thrive on different foods. Foods provide nutrients at the cellular level and this is where it matters most because this is where good or poor health begins.
  • Provide optimal energy output every time you eat. Only when you are properly absorbing the nutrients from your food will your energy production be optimal. Your ability to convert food into energy comes down to eating the correct foods for your metabolic type. Would a sports car perform to its maximum ability if you filled the tank full of diesel?
  • Support immune system function. Your immune system will weaken and begin to break down when the nutrients required for it to work are missing. Our immune systems have enough to cope with in today’s world without having to deal with missing nutrients.
  • Make being your ideal weight effortless. When you are eating optimally and your diet is providing all the nutrients you require you will be fully satisfied after eating which eliminates sugar cravings and the desire to eat between meals.
  • Prevent degenerative disease as Dr Weston Price proved. Your diet can cause health or it can cause disease and it isn’t left to chance – the cause is there to see. The tribes Price studied were vibrantly healthy when they followed the diet they had been eating for centuries. When they changed to western foods their health deteriorated – just like ours does.
  • Give you maximum results from your time spent exercising. Food is only one causal factor in health or disease. Lack of movement is another – exercising is critical. When you eat right for your type you will get maximum results from time spent exercising.

So in a nutshell what do all of these benefits amount too? How about optimal energy, low body fat, increased muscle tone, stronger body, increased immunity, resistance to degenerative and infectious disease and a longer and happier life.

A diet that’s right for your metabolic type is without a doubt the best nutritional tool we have available today for building health.

Remember, metabolic typing isn’t a new fad that has just appeared. It has taken over a hundred years to evolve into what it is today – an excellent diagnostic tool for identifying exactly what foods are right for you – as dictated by your genetics. The scientific facts and information on human metabolism have been brought together by William Wolcott and moulded into the system of Metabolic Typing which uncovers your genetic requirements for food. The metabolic typing test is available in the form of a detailed self analysis questionnaire which will reveal your unique metabolic type. You can take a metabolic typing test here. Hippocrates was right when around 400 BC he said: ‘one man’s food is another man’s poison’ So the next time you hear a nutritional ‘expert’ telling you ‘red meat is bad for you’….‘saturated fat will clog your arteries’ or ‘broccoli will protect you against cancer’ remember that person doesn’t have a clue about human metabolism and the effect food has upon it. You don’t have to suffer in the fear, confusion and mediocrity of the masses any longer – because now you know….that the same, one diet which is widely prescribed in the mainstream has never been and never will be the right diet for everyone. And until your meet your unique, genetic requirements for food your health can never be guaranteed.


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