What Is Candida – Harmless Yeast Or Destroyer Of Health?

Candida Albicans are yeast like substance which are found in the mouth, throat, intestines and genito-urinary tract of humans.

At six months old 90% of all babies test positive for Candida and by the time we become adults virtually all human beings play host to Candida Albicans and a lifelong relationship takes place.

They were thought to be of no purpose to us but some scientists say they help us detoxify heavy metals by binding to them so they can be carried out of the body in our stools.

Candida lives alongside and is kept in check by the beneficial good bacteria that lines our digestive tract and can be thought of as an inner tube which goes from your mouth to anus.

So what is candida, is it harmless or does it ruin our health?

Well in times of health when Candida and bad bacteria are being kept in check by good bacteria – you have a strong functioning immune system. At this time we have internal bacterial balance – the good bacteria vastly outnumber the bad – and we have good health.

But when your immune system is weakened and compromised – and numbers of good bacteria have declined – candida is allowed to proliferate and our health suffers as a result.

When ‘gut dysbiosis’ occurs you’ve got problems.

This gut imbalance of intestinal flora – when the bad bacteria starts to outnumber the good in your digestive tract – is often referred to as gut dysbiosis.

And when dysbiosis occurs, candida and other bad bugs get the upper hand and begin to overgrow – and thats when we begin to experience symptoms.

This is when candida starts to become a destroyer of health.

The term ‘gut dysbiosis’ was coined in the early 20th century by Nobel Prize winner and bacterial expert Dr Eli Metchnikoff who succeeded Louis Pasteur as director of the Pasteur institute in Paris.

The word ‘dysbiosis’comes from symbiosis meaning ‘living together in mutual harmony’ and dys- which means ‘not.’

To rid yourself of symptoms and recover your health you must get your gut bacteria back in balance to create a harmonious environment within your body again.

This is what will allow your immune system to recover and keep you robust and vibrant. If gut dysbiosis is left untreated and allowed to progress it can be a main factor in the cause of serious disease.

So if candida and other bad bugs which live in our digestive tract are kept in the minority they are harmless. However if these bad microbes are allowed to grow and get the upper hand they will wreak havoc in the body and systematically destroy your health.

So that answers the question what is candida?’ The next article discusses the symptoms of candida.

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