The Optimal Candida Diet – Why Most  Don’t Work. If you’ve ever been on an anti candida diet you’ve probably experienced the fact that as soon as you stopped the regime the problem and the symptoms return.

That’s been a problem for a lot of people who i’ve consulted with. If you’ve been following this series of articles on candida you’ll know that an anti candida diet alone probably won’t solve your problem.

It’s a problem that has to be attacked with more than a few dietary recommendations.

In the last article i gave you step one – to starve and kill the candida.

Now i’m going to give you step two which is a diet that identifies your unique style of metabolic functioning.

In other words it will identify the right foods for your metabolism so that every time you eat you will balance your body chemistry.

This is the only way can strengthen your immune system to overcome the candida and keep it in check.

Do not think however that you should do step one, two and three in sequence – this was only to explain the process. You should do all steps at the same time.

So now on to the diet.

Step two – Take a Metabolic Typing test and eat accordingly.

The diet which will strengthen your immunity by balancing your body chemistry is Metabolic Typing. If you have never heard or read about this nutritional diagnostic tool which identifies the foods YOUR body needs – you can read about it here.

When you are doing all these steps together – you are killing the candida and starving it, replenishing your good bacteria and eating right for your metabolic type will strengthen your immune system, which will help overcome the candida and keep it in check – keep it in the minority.

Remember this is why the candida has overgrown in the first place because your immune system was weakened to a point where it was incapable of keeping the candida in check because the bad bacteria in your gut got the upper hand over the good.

The 2-3 pounds of bacteria you have in your gut practically is your immune system.

This is where so called anti candida diets fail  because these diets come from a standpoint that we are all the same and need the same nutrients. They do not address biochemical individuality – the fact that we are all so different in our requirements for food.

The only diet that will strengthen and repair your immune system is the one that contains the foods that are right for you.

And the only way you can find out which foods YOUR body requires is by finding your metabolic type through a metabolic typing test and feeding yourself the foods that are right for your metabolic type.

A metabolic typing diet provides the exact nutrients your body needs. So this vital second step is crucial because it strengthens your immune system when the candida is being killed so that when you stop taking the agents that kill the candida – it won’t grow back again because your immune system is strong enough to keep it in check.

The 3 step candida treatment.

Step one – kill and starve the candida.

Step two – Take a metabolic typing test and eat accordingly.

Step three – Replenish the good bacteria in your gut by taking a high quality probiotic.

But for a few days on this 3 step treatment including the most effective candida diet – Metabolic Typing – you may feel worse before you feel better.


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