candida die off
You may experience candida die off after taking the nystatin or caprylic acid products. This is not anything to worry about – just to let you know it’s not the regime – so don’t stop the regime.

This is telling you something good is happening – that the problem is being addressed – that the candida is dying and toxins are being released.

The candida die off period can last anywhere from a few hours to a few days.

The technical name for this experience is Herxheimer reaction.

The symptoms of this can vary but are usually dizziness, bloating, aches, joint pains, headaches, flu like symptoms, nausea or a worsening of the original symptoms.

This problem usually occurs when vast numbers of candida is being eliminated. Quicker than it can be cleared from the bloodstream and eliminated from the body.

This is what causes the allergic or temporary toxic reaction.

The triple approach to the yeast problem I have outlined in this series of articles – Metabolic Typing Diet + agents to kill the candida + recolinization of good bacteria – will kill the candida and provide your immune system with the support it needs to regain control.

The candida overgrowth may not be easy to overcome or be over very quick but this is the best way to deal with it.

It will all depend on how deep the problem is, how long it has been going on and how quickly your immune system recovers. In many cases it can take a considerable amount of time.

You cannot rid your body of Candida completely and nor do you want to – this is impossible and unnecessary.

The key is to put the yeast back where it belongs – in the minority and this can only be achieved through starving and killing the yeast, simultaneously bolstering your immune system and putting good bacteria back in control.

This is where most anti-Candida diets fall down – they starve and kill the yeast but fail to provide the immune system with the support it needs to recover to keep the yeast in check. So as soon as the anti candida regime is halted the yeast comes straight back.

Your immune system is crucial to overcoming the candida and this is where the Metabolic Typing Diet is of maximum importance.

So this candida die off period can easily be minimized by putting the additional 3 steps in place – regular exercise,

make sure of daily bowel evacuation and drink plenty of clean water.

If you put the information found in this series of articles on beating candida

into practice you will deal with the problem quicker and more effectively than using the usual anti candida diets.


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