Bodybuilding gets an undeservedly bad rap when talking about health but that is because of the stigma of the steroid culture associated with bodybuilding. Truth be told bodybuilding workout routines make you burn fat fast because these types of workout stimulate the release of natural growth hormone. When you couple these workouts with carb restriction you have warp speed fat loss but we’ll talk about that later – let’s get back to growth hormone.

Bodybuilding workouts burn fat fast

In the 50’s Vince Gironda used bodybuilding workouts and had low body fat – take the hint.

When this hormone  is released naturally by the body is not harmful – and is in fact healthful because as we age it declines unlike the exogenic synthetic growth hormone that bodybuilders and athletes use. All forms of heavy resistance training with weights will stimulate growth hormone release but none as much as the high rep, short rest, bodybuilding type routines. I learned this from Charles Poliquin who got it from Romanian exercise scientist Hala Rambie who found that high levels of lactic acid in the blood accelerated fat loss. He found that when lactic acid in the blood increases so does PH and that sends a message to the pituitary gland in the brain to release growth hormone. So whatever the reason why it happens one thing is certain – growth hormone release makes the body burn fat. Poliquin said he found an abundance of research on aerobic exercise but had to look in the European literature, in particular German, for research on weight training for fat loss. Hence the name of Poliquin’s fat loss training protocols – German Body Comp workouts. The workout in this article is based on the same principles as Poliquin talks about and is part of the same family. There is plenty of literature in the US on the efficacy of weight training and in particular, bodybuilding type training for fat loss. Rambie and other US scientists have verified that sets of 10 reps as opposed to 5 and rest periods of 30-60 seconds produce the biggest secretions of growth hormone thus they are the most effective at burning fat. The rep range in these workouts is in the 8-12 bracket which is known to stimulate muscle growth. Apart from that – this program is also excellent for men and women who want to stay healthy because as we age our growth hormone levels decrease as does our muscle mass and by taking on a program like this and following a good diet you’ll not only increase muscle mass but also your endurance, strength and sex drive. So take your pick weights or cardio? For those who chose lifting here is your bodybuilding workout routine. This is a great fat loss workout plan for men and will also suit a beginners to weight training. And if you’re a woman fear not – you will NOT get huge muscles with these workouts 🙂

A bodybuilding workout for fat loss

Workout one

A1 – Back squat – Use a medium shoulder width stance with feet pointing outwards at around 30 degrees. A2 – Calf raises – Use the standing calf raise machine you find at most gyms and health clubs. A3 – Bench press – Use barbell for this bench press as long as you have a spotter. If not use the dumbbell version. A4 – Bent over barbell rows – Use a supinated (underhand) grip and pull the bar to your stomach. Make sure you keep your lower back slightly curved or straight and not flexed. A5 – Incline dumbbell press – Keep the incline of the bench at less than 45 degrees. A6 – Face pulls – use a cable column machine or use resistance bands tied to a power rack. A7 – Lying tricep extensions – Use the EZ bar or dumbbells and lie on a flat bench for this exercise. Let the bar go to your forehead at the midpoint of the rep. A8 – Press behind neck – Use an Olympic or flat bar for this exercise. If you don’t have the shoulder flexibility to perform this exercise – use dumbbells instead. A9 – Dumbbell hammer curls – Curl to the shoulder then lower for the count of 3 A10 – Hanging leg raises – Hang from a power rack or pull up bar and bring the knees to the chest then lower slowly.

Workout two

A1 – Sumo deadlift – use a wider stance than shoulder width for this exercise – this will hit your adductors more than the regular deadlift. A2 – Dumbbell standing press –  A3 – Pull ups (band assisted if needed) – A4 – Back extensions – Use the back extension bench or GHR for this exercise – found in most good gyms A5 – Decline dumbbell press – Use a slight decline A6 – Bent over DB rows – Use a pronated grip when the dumbbells when they are in the bottom position then twist when pulling through the concentric phase to turn the DB’s so that they’re in a semi supinated (hammer) position at the top when they’re adjacent to your pecs. A7 – Dumbbell cyclist squats – heels elevated A8 – Dumbell side bends – Use dumbbells for this exercise. A9 – Dips – use band assistance if needed A10 – Dumbbell incline curls – supinated grip


Use this program for 3-4 weeks. Perform workouts 3 times per week alternating between workout 1 and 2 10 reps on all exercises

Rep tempo

31×0 3 seconds to lower the weight 1 second pause at the midpoint X move the weight as fast as you can back to the starting point 0 seconds rest between sets

Sets and rest

10 sec rest between exercises 120-180 secs between rounds Week one – perform 2 rounds 180 sec rest Week two – 3 rounds 180 sec rest Week three –  3 rounds 120 secs rest Week four – Change program completely

Carb restriction

Eat 4-6 low carb meals per day Meals should consist of protein, fat and non starchy vegetables only Carbs allowed after a heavy workout only – 2g per kilo of bodyweight. In other words the only time you’re allowed carbs is after you’ve worked your butt off in the gym If you get positive results from this you should try carb cycling/loading Good luck


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