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Hi, I’m Stephen Williams, I’m the founder of Radical Strength Coach.

Here’s what Radical Strength Coach is all about…

You have a body… you have a choice as to how you’ll look after that body. You want it to look good, you want to perform at the highest level should you be in danger or to perform optimally in your chosen sport. You also want to preserve the health of your body so you can enjoy a long and full life.

If what I’ve just said resonates with you…read on.


You may have asked yourself questions such as:

  • How can I put more muscle on and keep it? I seem to yoyo back and forth between gaining and losing?
  • How do I get stronger and put muscle on while stripping away body fat?
  • How do I get stronger and faster for my sport?
  • What is the best diet for fat loss and muscle growth?
  • How do I reverse symptoms xyz or how can I conquer this disease?
  • How do I build myself to be stronger, faster and healthier man (or woman)?
  • How do I turn myself into the best version of me?

You may be a PT or coach like myself, you may be an athlete or you maybe Bill Smith from down the street –  whoever you are, man or woman, young or old, if you’ve asked yourself any of those questions…

…you’re in the right place.


Here’s how Radical Strength Coach can help you build the best version of you…

Getting the results you want isn’t just about training, eating, supplements and resting…of course it’s about doing all of that but it’s about doing it smarter.

This isn’t just another site about being strong, muscular and looking good…of course that’s probably an massive part of it for you…but this site and my program is about so much more. Of course we also deal with two other important parts of the equation – athletic performance and real health. This is where most programs fall down and fail to integrate all of this successfully.

I believe that when you build this training lifestyle for yourself, that you should do it while improving your athleticism and promoting and preserving good health.


Because it’s not just about looking good…

Let’s face it we all want to look good but the reality is you may walk into extreme danger tomorrow and have to rely on your strength, speed and agility to save you….

You also probably want a good quality of life and to live a long life…so you’ll want to avoid symptoms, illness and disease by maintaining good health.


  • Choosing better exercises that don’t just focus on building muscle and burning fat and don’t just focus on “the look”…


  • By programming training more effectively to hit multiple strength qualities like strength, speed, endurance, flexibility and health…


  • By following better nutritional protocols that not only build muscle and burn fat but also support immunity and help our bodily systems function more effectively…


But it’s about even more than that…

It’s about the “high” you get, it’s about the belief acquire and it’s about the Mind/Body connection that happens – when the body gets stronger, bigger and better, a message gets sent to the mind, and now you have confidence within yourself, now you understand and you are in charge of your life.

You now overcome the fears, the demons and the barriers where once you didn’t. Now you dismiss the people and events in life that say “you can’t” because now you fucking well can!

…subscribe to Radical Strength Coach and get proven strategies and action plans aimed squarely at getting results and truly turning your vehicle into the best version of you.

hat you’ll find here

1 – The blog

The Radical Strength Coach blog has been going since 2010 but to be honest I haven’t posted for a long while as I’ve been sidetracked by other things. However, the information on the blog is still highly relevant and I’m going to be posting on a more regular basis.

2 – The Elite Underground Blueprint – FREE



3 – The SOAR Program Membership

This is where we get really serious about reaching your goals step by step. So if you’re interested in building strength and muscle, burning fat, getting healthier or improving you athletic performance then this is the place you want to be – you’ll find video workouts tailored to hit your goals, nutrition plans that are right for YOU and health building tips to help you reverse symptoms and disease and much, much more. I’ll be honest about this – my goal is for you to join the membership as this is the place where you have access to all of the information in one place.

4 – 1 on 1 Personal Coaching

This is my one on one personal coaching program where you get access to me to write your exercise, nutrition and lifestyle program. This guarantees that your path to success is a smooth one. To be honest you can walk the same path as a premium member in the membership, get the same results and pay a fraction of the price. However, some people feel they have specific problems and prefer to have me there to answer a question or to be looking over their shoulder.

About Stephen Williams

I wasn’t always a coach in the fitness industry, I’d been a scaffolder in the construction industry since I was 15. I was sort of pushed into scaffolding when I was expelled from school for misbehaving at a time when my father had just started his own scaffolding business.

Don’t get me wrong I’ve lifted weights since my father bought me a set when I was a 14 but I didn’t get into it as a career until 2004 after I had suffered with bad health for a few years. I had decided to educate myself on health and fitness to see if I could turn my health around after the doctors told me they could do nothing to help me.

Then, what had started as a way of turning my health around and keeping fit turned into an obsession which not only turned my health around but turned my whole life around – as I made the transition from scaffolder into a strength coach which turned into a successful gym and coaching business.

In 2010 I started to build this website in my spare time because I figured there would be more people like me who could use this information to turn their life around, so I started to publish what worked for me online.

4 years later my private gym coaching business was thriving but the site was just sitting there without much direction and still getting around 300 visitors a day. So I decided to turn it into a membership site so I could have a place to successfully coach people no matter where in the world they lived.

I am now fully concentrated on my mission in life which is coaching people through my gym and through this website.

Aside from that I live in a small town called Jarrow near Newcastle in the North East of England. I’m a single guy at the moment and I have four grown up children. I’m a father, son, grandfather, entrepreneur, strength coach, speaker and consultant. In that order. 🙂


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